Olark Live Chat updates
Olark Live Chat updates

CoPilot chatbot improvements




CoPilot Chatbots


Several improvements to our reporting of CoPilot chatbot conversations were released today.

  • Conversations between visitors and bots will now appear as "Conversation with CoPilot" in your dashboard and transcripts

an image showing a list of chat transcripts from the Olark dashboard. The label "Conversation with CoPilot" is highlighted under one of the transcripts

  • Conversations with only Copilot bot messages (if the visitor doesn't respond to the bot) are labeled "CoPilot Message" and will have the missed chat icon in the upper left on the transcripts page

  • Conversations that involve both a bot and an agent will appear as normal conversations in your transcripts and dashboard

  • If CoPilot tries to transfer a chat to a live agent but the agent doesn't respond, the conversation will be marked as a missed chat and agents may be forced offline to avoid further missed conversations

  • Agent response time now reflects the time between when the bot transfers the conversation to the agent and the agent's first response, rather than first visitor message to first agent message.