Olark Live Chat updates
Olark Live Chat updates

Quarterly accessibility improvements




Accessibility Improvement Round-Up:

We shipped the following improvements in 2nd Quarter, 2022:

  • Increased the contrast on our form field focus indicators to meeting contrast requirements.
  • Updated the aria-label on the “close chatbox” button to make it clear that the button closes the chatbox.
  • Improved the focus on “send transcript” and “give feedback” selections so that screen readers will parse them as the active modal.
  • Fixed an issue that was blocking screen readers from reading the response selection buttons sent by our Copilot bots in the chatbox.
  • Made an improvement that allows screen readers to read the “question 1 of 5” completion tracker when giving agent feedback in the chatbox.
  • Fixed a bug that was hampering use of the chatbox by screen magnification users
  • Added support for auto completion of fields in the chatbox pre-chat and offline forms

We shipped the following improvements in 3rd Quarter, 2022:

  • Began testing and shipping improvements to our Beta agent app in earnest. Improvements shipped so far include contrast improvements, support for diverse keyboard layouts, and adding infrastructure to better support screen reader use.
  • Made a change to the offline chatbox so that the header cannot hide the form.

The following issues are currently in our work queue - look for fixes to be shipped soon:

  • The chatbox header changes context when an agent is assigned to a chat. This can be disorienting to screen reader users.
  • Adding support for screenreader users in languages other than English.
  • Removing the "region" role when the chatbox is intentionally hidden on the webpage.

What's this all about?

As part of our Global Accessibility Awareness Day commitments this year we resolved to publish a quarterly round-up of accessibility improvements we've made, and improvements we know are still outstanding.

Want to join in? You can read more about GAAD here.